Art in Coaching Newsletter – Well-being Special

I am delighted to be able to share with you here the link to the latest Art in Coaching Newsletter. This month the focus is on well-being and the wonderful gifts art brings to our minds and bodies. It goes well beyond fun, play and relaxing. Within the newsletter I share links to articles, research papers and websites that I have found interesting so far! These articles only touch the surface. There is a vast amount of past and current research into the enormous value and benefits that art is bringing to well-being. Not just to those who are managing conditions and experiences that are having a negative impact on their lives, but to all of us. What is really exciting is the increasing amount of scientific research, including neuroscience research, into this area. Providing more evidence as to why coaching with art is such an important and special way of working with our clients.

Research has found that we gain the greatest benefits from art by getting physically involved in the process of self expression through painting, drawing, sculpting and any other medium that resonates with you; creating images that mean something to you. It isn’t about being Constable, Rembrandt or Tracy Emin! It is about letting go of your limiting beliefs around your own creativity and having a go, without fear, censorship and judgement. Just play and go from there.

Happy creating!

(Image is from Pixabay)

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