ART in Coaching Newsletter – A Virtual Special

Art has definitely gone virtual and it is popping up everywhere giving us all lots of opportunity to look, listen and try it out for ourselves.

Why are we turning to art? More and more people are turning to art at this time whether it is poetry, music, dance or the image. It is no surprise as art is the medium of communication we have turned to for millennia to express ourselves – our experiences, how we feel about the world we live in, and understand our place in it. Particularly so when faced with difficult times and words just aren’t enough. The process of making art is also calming and mindful as it takes us out of ourselves, and helps us to manage our emotions including anxiety, worry and stress.

Art Based Coaching is therefore a very important and beneficial approach for our clients – helping them to externalise, communicate and express what is going on for them in a way that they can start to make sense of and move forward with. Moving art based coaching in to a virtual space is a lot easier than you would imagine and I am sharing in this virtual special my own learning from virtual one to one and group art based coaching. I am also bringing you up to date with virtual art based supervision and sharing some links to amazing on-line art.

What are your experiences? I would love to hear from you about your own on-line experiences of coaching with art, and to be able to share your hints and tips on going virtual.

In this newsletter I share with you my hints and tips about coaching with art in the virtual space – both one to one and in groups. I update you on virtual art based supervision and share links to on-line galleries, BBC Arts and Grayson Perry’s Art Club to offer inspiration and relaxation during lock down.

Happy reading.


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