Benefits of using art in coaching

Using art in coaching produces many benefits for our coaching practice. Including;

  • Unlocking the core area being worked on very quickly by uncovering hidden material and working at a deeper level
  • Supporting transformational change by helping a coachee get to a deeper level of self-awareness and understanding
  • Helping coachees externalise those things they find hard to verbalise through image making and the language of creating
  • Creating a safe space to hold complexity and paradox
  • Breaking through thinking loops where coachees are stuck in the same thinking patterns
  • Slowing down articulate coachees who can talk to deflect, defend and gloss over
  • Giving our right brain a voice – the home of the Ah Ha! moment
  • Introducing fun and play which can lead to creative thinking and deeper self-awareness and understanding
  • Allowing us to spend time with our coachees in areas of importance