Diploma in Art-Based Coaching

2023 programme starts May 2023 and is now open to register your interest

Who is the diploma for?

The diploma is for qualified and experienced coaches who want to develop an art based approach as part of their practice and achieve a level of mastery.

What experience do you need?

Many of you who have expressed an interest in the diploma have already attended an Art in Coaching workshop or programme and may already be working with art in your practice. Some of you may not have started working in this way yet. However, there is no requirement to already be practicing art in coaching as the foundation module, Module 1, is designed to cover the essential principles, framework and practice needed to start coaching with art. This module will also be designed to ensure it is a purposeful refresher and deepens practice for those who have covered some of this module before.

What type of coach do you need to be?

Coaching with art is an approach that can be used no matter what kind of coach you are. It is equally relevant for executive coaches as it is for life coaches. This is because coaching with art is person-centred. It works with our clients in a way that gives them access to a deeper level of personal awareness, understanding and meaning. Using art deepens and enriches our coaching conversations  through the expressive visual language of art and creates transformational shifts in perceptions and understanding that can lead to significant changes in personal development and growth.

Coaching with art is about working with the whole person and the area of focus they are bringing to the session. This could be anything from a leader wishing to change their behaviours to maximise their impact, through to someone wanting to unlock what they need to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Open Zoom Call – find out more

Interested in joining the 2023 programme? Join me for a Zoom call and find out more about the diploma programme 

If you would like to know more about the diploma programme you can join me on Zoom on 13th September 2022 at 4pm BST where I will take you through the diploma framework and content and answer all your questions about the programme. To book on the call please contact me via the Contact Page with your email and I will book you on.

You can also contact me for more information through the contacts page and I will send you a complete overview of the diploma.


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The Diploma Programme

The Diploma in Art-based Coaching is made up of four in-person class-based modules, together with co-coaching, coaching practice and one to one supervision between modules. This is further supported through your own self-study, developing a creative reflective practice and maintaining your learning log. There will also be three observed coaching sessions with feedback – two of in-person coaching and one of online coaching.

The programme delivers 80 hours of class based learning.

The four in-person modules

Module 1 – Foundation 3 days

The aim of Module 1 is to provide participants with the foundation knowledge and experience such they feel confident in applying the ART in coaching framework in their practice. For more experienced art-based coaches the module is designed to ensure it is a purposeful refresher and deepens practice.

Module 2 – Developing your practice 3 days

In Module 2 the aim is to deepen participants understanding of how and why art-based coaching is such a powerful and effective approach to coaching. Through deepening their understanding coaches will strengthen their confidence in coaching with art and knowing when to use it.

Module 3 – Advanced Practice 3 days

In Module 3 we explore three key areas for advanced practice, widening the application of art-based practice and deepening understanding of art-based practice. The three areas covered are group coaching, trauma and art-based coaching, and an exploration of how art relates to and can be applied to other coaching models and approaches.

Module 4 – Consolidating your practice 2 days

Module 4 gives participants the space to reflect on their practice, consolidate learning and bring areas they want to revisit and/or explore further. The aim is for participants to leave feeling confident in continuing with their art-based practice beyond the learning space and completing the requirements of their diploma.


Within the programme and between modules there many opportunities for coaching practice and experiential learning across the programme where coaches can apply the frameworks, principles and guidelines shared during the modules.  There will be triad coaching within each module and coaches will continue this practice in either triads or pairs between modules.

Creative reflective practice

Reflective practice is also at the heart of the diploma and creative reflective practice is being introduced to participants as an approach to deepen self-awareness and understanding of themselves as an art-based coach, as well as a way of engaging with their own creativity.


It is important that you feel supported throughout the programme and you will have three 1 to 1 supervision sessions with Anna Sheather, the diploma lead coach, There will be two sessions within the in-person module programme and another when you submit your dissertations.

It will also be expected that you will be receiving regular supervision with your own supervisor. This may be one to one, group or peer group supervision.

Your commitment

To be awarded the diploma you will need to ensure you have the time to complete and evidence the following:

  • Completion of all parts of the diploma including attendance at each module and the supervision sessions
  • 70 hours of self-study supported by your learning log
  • 40 hours of coaching outside the class as evidenced in a coaching log
  • 3 observed or recorded coaching sessions with feedback
  • Two written dissertations

There is currently no time limit to the completion of the diploma but as a guide it is recommended to complete within a year to 18 months of starting the programme. This ensures your practice remains current to your learning and development.


2023 dates

Module 1 – May 23rd, 24th & 25th 

Module 2 – July 25th, 26th & 27th

Module 3 – September 26th, 27th & 28th

Module 4 – December 6th & 7th

All modules  take place at Sarum College, Salisbury, Wiltshire located in the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral. A wonderfully peaceful and creative space.

Please contact me to find out more including fees which are currently being set.

Contact Anna to find out more


When thoughts are pushed aside, spontaneous images can emerge: symbolic aspects of the self, in need of recognition.

Liesl Silverstone, Art Therapist