Trauma and Art Based Coaching – online

An online session exploring trauma, coaching and the role of the art based coach

Tuesday 24th May 2022

New extended time 2pm to 5.30pm UK time via Zoom

Presented by Anna Sheather and Julia Vaughan Smith, author of  ‘Coaching and Trauma – from surviving to thriving’ McGraw Hill

I am delighted to be joined by Julia Vaughan Smith for this workshop exploring coaching and trauma and in particular art based coaching. Through a mix of presentations, conversation and break out discussions we will start to explore the importance of being trauma informed and how we work as art based coaches. Julia has been working and researching in the area of coaching and trauma for many years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the session. To find out more about Julia and her work please do visit the blogs on her website

Covid-19 has placed great stresses on all of us as we navigate our way through living with this virus. It has impacted all aspects of our lives. For many of us it will be just that, a stressful year (or two) in our lives, for others it may be a traumatic event and for a proportion they may end up with trauma. Trauma is part of being human and has always been there. However, as we experience the pandemic we have become more aware of trauma and the impact such a far reaching event is having on us and our clients. The varying ways in which the pandemic has affected us all will undoubtedly result in more trauma related responses in our clients, including overwhelm, increased anxiety and stress as well as grief and potentially PTSD.


trauma does not refer to a specific event. It is not the cause but the consequence of experience. The word trauma comes from the Greek word for wound, and it is thus the ‘wounds’ we are left with.

Julia Vaughan Smith, Coaching and Trauma


Our clients will bring their experiences, both consciously and unconsciously, into the coaching space and we need, more than ever, to be able to recognise if trauma is present; ensuring our coaching is part of their healing process. As we know coaching is not therapy, however, through working with our clients in the ‘here and now’ and helping them to tap into their healthy resources, coaching can make a contribution to the healing process of trauma, and art based coaching in particular can be very beneficial if it is held safely.

In this workshop we start to explore the complex condition of trauma and the role of the art based coach when trauma emerges.  We will cover:

  • What is trauma?
  • Understanding how trauma impacts us and our clients
  • An introduction to Ruppert’s Model
  • How trauma may show up in the coaching space
  • The role of the art based coach
  • Some creative expressive approaches to support our clients
  • Boundaries, ethics and challenges


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The fees for this online session are £95 + VAT.

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24th May, 2022
2pm to 5.30pm UK time on Zoom. £95 plus VAT

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