Discover Through Experience

Through Experience

Discover Through Experience

The best way to discover the way art can transform your coaching practice is to experience it for yourself and try it out. To support coaches in developing an art-based approach I have put together a programme of online and in-person workshops, masterclasses and programmes ranging from an introductory session for the curious through to a diploma programme for coaches wanting to develop a level of mastery. I am always looking for new areas to offer coaches so please do keep coming back to see what new and exciting areas are being added. To keep up to date you can also sign up to my newsletter on the contacts page, join me on LinkedIn and join the Art in Coaching LinkedIn Group.

Frequently asked questions – follow this link for the most common questions coaches ask about the workshops.

The workshops and programmes

The workshops and programmes are highly experiential as well as reflective, enabling you to try things out in a safe and supportive space, discovering for yourself how to include, use and work with art in coaching.

ART! Creating Transformational Conversations

This online 1 hour and 45 minute session is for any coach who is curious about art in coaching. You don’t have to consider yourself creative to come along, just bring an open mind and a willingness to try things out.

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Art in Coaching, Art in Practice – Getting Starting – online and in-person

This foundation development programme is designed for coaches who would like to start to develop an art-based approach in their coaching practice and is delivered both online and in-person.

The programme is very experiential and reflective, introducing you to art in coaching, enabling you to explore and discover for yourself how to coach with art, manage yourself in a creative space and hold a safe place for your clients to work in this way. This programme gives you the foundations for getting started with coaching with art.

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Diploma in Art-based coaching

This is an extensive development programme designed for qualified and experienced coaches who want to deepen their understanding of art-based coaching and develop a level of mastery.

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These sessions are focused on specific areas of practice and are designed to support and deepen coaches art-based practice. They currently include:


‘I am a very ‘corporate’ coach and had some scepticism about how this might work for me. I am also the least artistic person that I know!

However, Anna structured the day to move us from being wary of the materials in the room to being able to use them in a very expressive way. Specifically, Anna explained the underlying psychology of how art can work in coaching as well as how to work with clients in order for them to produce the most useful art.

Anna has become an expert in this field and as such was able to teach us how to introduce art materials with the same rigour as one would use a psychometric test, using appropriate contracting, boundaries and professional standards.

I would recommend this to anyone seeking to learn more about themselves as well as to gain a new tool for the toolbox.’

Jo Smith, Executive Coach


For details of all workshops and sessions please see the list at the bottom of the page.


Please note that the workshops, masterclasses and programmes assume coaching experience as appropriate to course you are attending. They are bringing something new to your practice. The workshops, programmes and masterclasses do not cover the general principles and practices of coaching.


Ongoing support

In addition to the workshops, I also offer supervision and ongoing 1:1 support to help you develop and grow your practice.  To find out more about supervision please visit the supervision page.

Another way to fully experience Art in Coaching is to be coached. If this interests you then please see my coaching page or do get in touch.

I didn’t feel I could be artistic and it was a revelation how much I got from just a few scribbles - understanding the power of just putting something down on paper and not thinking in words
Rosemary, Coach

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