Cartooning in Coaching

New online programme introducing a uniquely creative way of working with clients

2024 programme: Module 1 on 26th September 2024 1pm to 4.30pm BST, followed by Module 2: 24th October 2024 also 1pm to 4.30pm BST plus optional group supervision
Presented by David Love 

There is surely no place for humour and cartoons in the serious worlds of coaching and business. Perhaps counter-intuitively, humour and playfulness can be very illuminating ways to explore the challenges and successes of organisational life. Research suggests humour has many beneficial qualities, including positive impacts on health and well-being, getting things into perspective and strengthening relationships.

David Love


About the programme

I am delighted to introduce David Love and his wonderful world of cartooning in coaching.

Cartooning in coaching is an art-based approach which offers a powerful means of story-telling – it is not just a form of sketching, it is a different way of seeing, which provides a new window into a situation. When clients create their own cartoons they are able, for example, to illustrate the pantomime nature of aspects organisational life, invoke satire as a way of understanding challenges and make connections to important systemic factors.

In this programme David enables you to deepen your understanding of the theoretical and practical implications of integrating cartooning into your coaching practice., providing you with the knowledge, skills and ethical sensitivity required to deploy this art-based philosophy successfully.

The programme consists of two half day modules plus the option of coming together for a group supervision session.

Between modules 1 and 2 you are encouraged to co-coach as well as do further reading and further study.

If you would like to find out more about the programme and what it covers please request the programme overview either using the form at the end of the page or the button below.




Who is the programme for?

This programme is designed for qualified and experienced coaches who wish to build their approach to bringing cartooning and humour into their coaching practice. You will be engaged in regular supervision and have an interest in the power of creativity in coaching. There is no requirement for you to be aligned to any particular “school” of coaching. Working effectively and safely with cartoons is more than a set of tools or techniques – rather it forms an integral part of a person-centred way of being in the service of clients.

Crucially, you do not to need to be an artist or have high levels of drawing skills. Perhaps counter-intuitively, these are not required by either coach or client for meaningful cartoons to be created. We can use stick figures, simple facial expressions and basic shapes to create images that enable us to make better sense of a situation. A desire to be playful and experiment are, however, essential.


About David Love

David is a leadership coach and coach supervisor, mentor and educator. He is an art-based practitioner and part of his creative philosophy involves enabling clients to create cartoons about matters of importance to them. In his private life he has, for many years, created cartoons for significant events in the lives of family and friends and in recent years he decided to bring this creativity into his work. David is currently completing his AC Diploma in Art-based Coaching, the programme designed and facilitated by Anna Sheather (Art in Coaching) and will be joining the delivery team for the 2025 programmes.

An author who has contributed pieces focusing on cartooning to the Association for Coaching’s Coaching Perspectives magazine and the WeCoach! books David designed and presented a series of 10 short videos focusing on creative coaching methods for Henley Business School, and wrote an accompanying workbook.

David is also the “resident” cartoonist for the AC’s Coaching Perspectives magazine.



Module 1: Thursday 26 September 2024 – 1.00 – 4.30 pm (BST)

Module 2: Thursday 24 October – 1.00 – 4.30 pm (BST).

Optional group supervision session: Thursday 5 December 2024; 1.00 – 3.00 pm (BST)

Booking & Fees


The fee for the online programme (Modules 1 and 2) is £495. Please note there is no additional VAT.

The fee for the optional  group supervision session is £125. Again, no VAT is charged.

Your fee includes:

  • The programme workbook
  • An ART in Coaching CPD certificate
  • Access to the ART in Coaching Practitioner Forums

Please note, the fee does not include the cartooning or art materials required for the programme, a list of which will be included in your joining pack.

Booking your place

If you are ready to book your place please complete the booking form below. Once you have booked you will receive your invoice which has details of how to pay. Once settled your place is secured and joining information and Zoom links will be sent to you a couple of weeks before the start date.

Please ensure you read the ART in Coaching course booking terms and conditions for information on payments, cancellations, transfers and postponements before booking your place.

If you have any queries, or would like to discuss the programme, please don’t hesitate to be in touch via the contact page or via the Request More Information form below and we will be delighted to chat with you.


David and I look forward to welcoming you onto the programme.

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