Coaching with art is a very powerful approach enabling you to work quickly and deeply, unlocking your potential in a creative and dynamic space. It gives you a deeper awareness and understanding of the issue at hand and allows you to gain shifts in perspectives that lead to greater insights and meaning.

It can be very transformational.


‘I could never have imagined that the art would be such a powerful facilitator of thinking and lead to such powerful and rapid breakthroughs… I found it completely fascinating that we should have covered so much territory in an hour and a half…[and] that these truths have emerged so quickly and profoundly, enabling me to articulate what have until now been nothing more than gut feelings.’

Sam, Director Professional Organisation

Who is art-based coaching for?

Anyone can have art-based coaching as here art isn’t about creating master pieces or being able to make great drawings, it is about expressing yourself through colour, line, form, texture and imagery. It is externalising your interior self  through image making. It is about using your own visual expressive language and it is something we can all do.

You can see a selection of images created by clients in the Gallery where you will see many different images all of which meant something to them and led to deeper insights.

To find out more you may like to read my blog What is art based coaching? .



‘There’s no doubt that for me the image making was absolutely key to helping me over-ride my thinking brain and access my more knowing self.’

Annette, private client

Case studies

I have put together some case studies which give an insight into how art based coaching works and how clients have experienced and benefited from coaching with art;

Creating transformational conversations – a case study
Executive Coaching Case Study: Managing change
Exploring Sam’s feelings of ‘otherness’

‘I have been struck by the progress achieved through the medium of art. I’m sure that I have unravelled things much more quickly than might otherwise have been the case. I have had coaching with Anna before so I know what an incredibly able coach she is, but bringing art into the equation seems to amplify her impact still further. I’ve found it incredibly powerful. I never cease to be amazed at what emerges apparently from nowhere.’

Jo, Executive coaching client


If you would like to know more please do get in touch for an exploratory conversation.

You may also find the following questions I get asked helpful as through the answers you will find more information about what art-based coaching is, how it has benefited others and how it could benefit you.

  • Is coaching with art just for creative people?

    Coaching with art is for any one. There is no need to be able to draw or consider yourself creative. It is all about self expression through making images and marks. It is something we can all do.


    It isn’t just for creative people or those seeking to develop their creativity. Art-based coaching is a different kind of language, a visual expressive language, which is for anyone who would like to go beyond their thinking mind or are struggling to find the words.

  • What can I use art-based coaching for?

    Art-based coaching is highly successful where you are looking to make change at a deeper level, unlock barriers, are struggling to find the words, are feeling stuck, or would just like to work in a more creative space.

    Some examples areas where clients have found art-based coaching transformative are:


    • Making sense of and resolve an area of importance that is proving difficult to connect to
    • Understanding and making sense of complex and/or paradoxical issues which can be difficult to hold in a purely verbal space
    • Having a sense of ‘knowing’ and wanting to make their ‘knowing’ visible and tangible
    • Wanting to articulate what seems impossible
    • Where there is too much going on and they can’t make sense of it. Perhaps feeling overwhelmed by possibilities and ideas, or challenges and tasks
    • Breaking through thinking loops so they can make the changes they want
    • Changing a repeating pattern of behaviour they feel is holding them back
    • Stopping going round in circles and getting on with what it is they really want to do


    For some they have had coaching before but it hasn’t led to the outcomes they were hoping for. Art helped them make those shifts they had been seeking.

  • How does art-based coaching work? What can I expect?

    Coaching with art is the same as all coaching as well as being different!


    It is the same as all coaching in that it is a private and confidential space that is tailored to your needs. It is a space without judgement where we work together on what is important to you and what you want to achieve from your coaching programme.


    Your coaching programme is discussed with you and we agree the number and duration of those sessions depending on what your needs are. This conversation starts with what we call a chemistry call, and if we both feel we can work together this is further expanded through contracting – agreeing how we want to work together and how the coaching programme works.


    Coaching with art is different in that I invite you to create images as a means to deepen your awareness and understanding of what you bring to a coaching session. These images are not intended to be masterpieces, they are your images that mean something to you. It is about your self-expression through colour, line, form and texture and it could be a painting, a drawing, a collage or a sculpture…or a mix of things!


    Coaching with art is also a starting point. The exploration of your image gives you a deeper awareness and understanding of the issue at hand. It allows you to gain shifts in perspectives that lead to greater insights and meaning. Your art is central to this but it is not the whole picture. Through your insights and discoveries, I may integrate other ways of coaching as appropriate to ensure you get the best from your programme and maximise your success. This may be other tools and techniques or the simple coaching framework of listening, questioning, reflecting back and challenge. I may also invite you to do more art. I have had some clients create 4 or more images in a session and some who only create one.

  • Where do we work together?

    We can work online or in-person. Both work well. I also invite clients to work with me in my studio which is in a lovely part of Wiltshire, where you have access to a wonderful range of materials for your exploration and discovery.


    Where we work online I send you guidance on materials to have to hand and how to set up your space to get the best from art in your coaching. You don’t need lots of materials and many children’s art materials are great.


    ‘Visiting Anna’s home and studio were a delight. I loved the whole experience, the drive there, the location, the stillness, the warm welcome, scene setting and gentle challenge throughout. The session worked for me at an unconscious and environmental level – a perfect storm – and have left me feeling good about the future.’ Kiera, Self-employed