Coaching with art – a myriad of benefits

Through coaching with art I have been amazed by the myriad of benefits that art brings my clients.

I have found that once my clients start to relax with creating and externalising their images it opens up a safe and supportive space for deeper understanding and awareness. Working alongside my clients, facilitating their exploration of their art, allows them to reflect on and explore their image and area of coaching focus with curiosity; ‘taking as long as they need to find their own meaning and understanding within it. This connection with their image leads to shifts in perspective and thinking, which in turn leads to insights. These insights can then lead to personal growth and change, and can be transformational. Even if shifts don’t occur, there is always a greater sense of personal meaning and understanding that unlocks something for that person.’  Coaching Beyond Words – Using Art to Deepen and Enrich Our Conversations

I have found that coaching with art offers an extraordinarily effective space for clients who are seeking to:

  • Make sense of and resolve an area of importance
  • Understand and make sense of complex and/or paradoxical situations that simply talking about it can’t do
  • Make tangible that sense of knowing something in a way that they can understand and embrace it
  • Articulate what for them is impossible to articulate so they can understand and positively move forward
  • Break through thinking loops that keep them stuck
  • Unlock repeating patterns of behaviour they feel are holding them back
  • Explore their emotional responses in a safe and manageable space

‘Through coaching with art, we deepen and enrich our coaching conversations with our clients, helping them move to a deeper level of awareness and understanding. It gives our clients access to the non-verbal, unconscious parts of their internal world deeply and quickly, enabling them to bring to the fore that which may be hidden but in need of recognition…’    Coaching Beyond Words – Using Art to Deepen and Enrich Our Conversations

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