Covid-19 Coaching and supervision continuing as normal

In these times of uncertainty we all find ourselves working our way through, I wanted to re-assure you that my coaching and supervision continues as normal to support you. Now that we can’t meet in person we can meet through virtual sessions, both one to one and in groups. Next week I am running three virtual art-based group supervision sessions and I am really looking forward to them. Please do contact me if you would like to book coaching or supervision, or would like to be part of an on-line group.

Like you these last two weeks have thrown me off my stride. I have felt a whole range of emotions from spikes of high anxiety worrying about the future through to absolute delight and peace as the lanes around my home go quiet. I am starting to put in new routines that help me with the social distancing and, as someone who lives on my own, I am grateful for next door neighbours where we can chat across our dividing wall, keeping our distance, as well as long telephone calls with friends. The funniest bit has been setting up my Mum and Dad on Skype who are both in their eighties. It was worth it just to see the joy on my Mum’s face when she could see me for real!

Wishing you all a safe passage through this pandemic. Let’s stay connected.


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