Podcast – Exploring Art Based Coaching

“Even though we’re working with very serious things, it’s a joyful, playful space to work and very powerful”

I was delighted to be invited to start off the Association for Coaches podcast series Let’s Make Coaching Creative’ led by Maxine Bell. Maxine and I explore what art-based coaching practice is and why it is such a powerful and important approach for coaching today.

During the conversation I share my extensive research into neuroscience, person-centred art therapy and art as a communication tool as well as debunking many myths of our ‘art stories’ that block exploration of this approach. I also share the underpinning principles of art-based coaching and the exciting developments I have created for coaches, including the Diploma in Art-Based Coaching.

This in-depth discussion breaks down misconceptions and barriers and, I hope, encourages the coaching profession to be more curious about this powerful tool, a tool that allows us to bring our whole selves to the coaching space with greater impact for our clients.

If you are curious about art-based coaching then this podcast is for you.

Listen Here

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