The tightening vice of my personal limits

I have found myself overwhelmed many times by the ‘to do’ lists of work through this pandemic. My thoughts and emotions battling it out leaving me with tensions coursing through body and mind. I have literally felt the limitations of myself.

Whether business was slow, or non-existent, or building and far too busy, I have felt the tightening vice on my brain, and the aching muscles across my shoulders, back and neck. These felt manifestations of my mental and emotional limitations could not and cannot be ignored…they are there to be noticed and they have helped me manage myself through the pandemic.

Permission to pause

I now stop for breaks far more often, I get out into my garden, if only for 5 minutes, I stretch and stand and pause. I take many 5 minute moments to notice when I am up against my limits and give myself permission to stop. I am all the better for it. I now value and respect myself much more than I did before, and I am much happier. I find it easier to say no and not feel I have to rush to something in this week, when it can easily be delivered a week or two, or even three ahead.

Space to think and reflect

Through knowing my limits, I have created more space to think and reflect. I am more aware of what is important to me and, because I am up against my limits, it is making it easier to honour what is important to me. This in turn is starting to make shifts in how I am approaching and managing this time and now I am not always up against my limits.

Being who I am, I know I will still override my limits particularly when I need to drive through a piece of work and meet a deadline, or I have given myself too much to do! But now I do it consciously and understand the consequences, making space to pick up my own pieces and taking the right amount of time to do so.

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